Learn at home with our Map Quiz

Learning about the world doesn't have to stop when the school bell rings! THERE are plenty of fun ways to Educate at home, why not start with our mappy quiz? Suitable for kids (and adults), best played alongside your futuremap!

Huge Future Map
Huge Future Map

Answer the following questions while referring to your map (or not to be extra Tricky!)

1. Which three countries are completely landlocked by another country?

2. Which country has half all the natural lakes in the world?

3. Which country has the longest coastline?

4. How many countries boarder China?

5. Which continent is in all four hemispheres, North, South, West, and East?

6. Which city is located on two continents?

7. Which is the smallest island that also has country status?

8. What city makes an appearance in every continent?