5 Cool Places to Display a Map

We’ve all seen the traditional globe taking pride of place in the study, and the historical local map displayed in the family dining room, but where is the the best place to display a modern map?


The Bathroom

Because our bold designs bridge the gap between contemporary artwork and classic cartography, they work perfectly in a whole range of more unusual settings. Even bathrooms!

Choose a large map that complements the colour scheme and watch it transform that space above the sink. It also makes an interesting focal point for those who usually like to take a book in with them.



The Nursery

What better way to introduce your baby to its bright new world than with a bold and beautiful world map?

Colourful, educational and bound to inspire travel dreams of the future, our maps can be printed to any dimensions to delight of your little ones.


map wallpaper mural in nursery

The Office

Modern yet classic, entertaining yet serious, a contemporary wall map sets just the right tone as office decor. Impress your boss, and potential clients, with your eye for style and your global viewpoint. 

A modern map also makes a great gift for colleagues or employees. Let them know you think the world of them!




The Bedroom

Instead of counting sheep, why not gaze at a stunning Future Map before you head to the land of nod? Dream about all the places you’ve been and are yet to travel to. 

Or better still, choose our stunning geological wall map and let your mind boggle over the beauty of mapped data, and the way in which 4.6 billion years have shaped the Earth’s surface.



The Kitchen

Parents love our magnetic maps, and one of the most popular places for displaying them is the kitchen. Not only are they better than coco puffs for sparking educational breakfast table conversations, they also provide the perfect place to pin useful reminders. Not to mention a wish list of future holiday destinations!