Winkel Tripel World Map

Striking reference map. Metallic and luminous inks combine with map data to stunning effect.

Sheet size, including border
1000 x 645mm
39.4 x 25.4"

Peirce Quincuncial

20th Anniversary Celebration.
Change your perspective: Change the world.

Sheet size including border
700 x 700mm
27.6 x 27.6"

Huge Future Maps

Bigger and bolder. Change the way you see the world with this accurate representation of country size.

Sheet size including border
1960 x 1000mm
77.16 x 39.37"

Geological World Maps

Utterly mesmerising. 4.6 billion years of geological history distilled into one incredible map.

Available in 2 sizes, dimensions include border.

1000 x 685mm
39.4 x 27"

1960 x 1000mm
77.16 x 39.37"

Wide Angle World Maps

Rarely seen in print. We introduce to you the Sinu-Mollweide projection. The planet through the eyes of a space jumper, showing countries in correct proportion to one another.

Sheet size, including border
995 x 555mm
39.2 x 21.9"

Olympic Commemorative Map

The Games in full glory. Featuring every host city since Athens 1896 and all the sports.

Sheet size, including border
1015mm x 595mm
40 x 23.4"