20 years


Peirce Quincuncial World Map

Change your perspective: Change the world

This bold interpretation of our globe looks modern, but was invented in 1879 and is even reminiscent of ancient maps which all had a different central focus. It has never been a better time to challenge our
viewpoint, with Global issues demanding attention.

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Europe Map

Educational and enlightening

An information-rich reference map sure to dazzle and delight the europhile.

It's a glorious replacement for those fusty old maps of the schoolroom and might even encourage a bit of homework from everyone in the family. What's the capital of Lichtenstein anyone?

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Future Map

Accurately representing countries in their correct proportional sizes.

This is the first World Map we ever produced. Freshly updated to celebrate our 20th year, our very first map is now seen as a design classic.

The striking shapes created by the equal-area projection combined with our alternative take on colouring the world makes this reference map a statement piece of wall art.

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