Essential cookies:

Our site uses some essential cookies that it needs in order to work. They do not store personal data or track your actions.

ASP.NET_SessionID - Allows us to work out what is in your basket and store your choice of country / currency preference so we can show prices in your currency and shipping costs for that location.

ARRAffinity - Makes the site faster by making sure you are talking to the same server during a visit.

_requestverificationtoken - Helps prevent hackers using something called a cross-site scripting attack to confirm that forms on this site were submitted by your browser.

Site enhancement cookies:

We use Google Analytics to monitor how the site is used, this does not store any personal data about you.

_ga - Google analytics - distinguishes users for 2 years

_gid - distinguishes users lasts for 24 hours

_gat - limits number of requests made

Google provided browser plugins if you do not want them to track your usage, you can opt out