About Us

The Future Mapping Company | Established 2003

The Future Mapping Company was born from the twin passions of cartography and great modern design. We believe that every home or office deserves one of our stunning maps. With their unique colourways, shimmering metallics and accurate mapping detail, they brighten up every space and liven up any conversation.

We can all access maps on our phones, but they're dull imitations of the printed or painted versions that stretch back through human history. We bring the world to your wall with all the excitement of the great explorers, the grandeur of a monarch's map room and the cool of contemporary design.

The intricate detail of our maps is compiled in our studio in Bruton, Somerset and they are printed to our high specification by lithographic printing specialists in the United Kingdom and Germany.

We are a small, dedicated team, which gives us the opportunity to get to know and serve our customers. It's really important to us that you're happy with our service, so if you're not sure which map or framing option is best for you please give us a call.