6 Ways to introduce colour & conversation into your home

With interiors trends for Scandinavian minimalism, and stripped back utilitarian chic, it can be easy to end up with a home that feels slightly too neutral or devoid of colour. A bold, bright Future Map is a great way to add interest and colour to a modern interior without the formality of artwork.

1. Add interest to an understated bathroom

Wall space in bathrooms often goes un-utilised. The structured elegance of a modern map works well in even the most simplistic of bathrooms.
Who wouldn't like to daydream about adventures past and future, and ponder the bigger picture of life while relaxing in the bath?

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  • 2. Create a bright, Intriguing alternative to a kitchen pinboard

    A giant magnetised world map makes a stunning centre piece over a kitchen dining table.
    In addition to adding visual drama and colour, it works beautifully as a family notice board. Use it to scribble down shopping lists, stick invites and postcards and even following your kids adventures on a gap year.


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    3. Display a Modern map as a striking art piece

    The modern projections and bold dramatic colours we use mean our maps looks very different to those most people are used to seeing.
    The unusual, or 'incorrect' appearance of the countries, the wild colours and metallic finishes and tend to spark conversation among guests.
    A framed map makes an eye catching art work and a guaranteed talking point.

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    4. Make your corridor a Colourful Conversation starting space

    Add interest, colour and bike routes to your wall! Our city maps make great wall art for corridors and porch ways. Highly detailed, including full cycle routes, they are great for referring to before you head out on an local adventure.

    The perfect way to make a usually forgotten space inspiring, attractive and informative.

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    5. Energise Your home office

    Art work for offices is always tricky; it needs to be attractive and add colour, yet still feel serious enough for a professional environment.
    A modern map is great for bridging that gap, bold yet factual, striking yet elegant. It also shows colleagues and clients you have an interest in the world around you!
    Perfect for a home office in need of brightening up.

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  • 6. Educate and decorate

    A large colourful world map always goes down well with kids. Educational, bright and fun it makes the perfect wall art in a nursery or bedroom for children who are curious about the world we live in.

    An easy way to transform your child's room - just be prepared to brush up on your geography to answer all the questions that are bound to follow!

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