Learning At Home Can Be Fun

Learning about the world we live in doesn't stop when the school bell rings. There are many ways to inspire your child at home, too. In this post we share our ideas for fun and interactive learning for all the family.

Educational World Map


1. Help them see the bigger picture:

A map of the world on your wall is a great image to have in the home. It’s so inclusive: everyone has something to say about a map so they’re brilliant for inspiring curiosity and drawing out ideas from everyone in the family. Our World Maps are designed to look beautiful and be educational too, reminding us all of the bigger picture. They're especially good for discussing world events – when something happens on the news, it’s easy to point to where it is on the map, helping children understand the bigger world they live in.

There are also loads of games to play on a world map with your kids, how about:
- What’s the capital of…?
- Find the place mentioned in the song (Don’t cry for me Argentina, Born in the USA etc.)
- Find all the capitals cities that begin with… e.g. the letter ‘T’
- Memorise all the… e.g. countries in Europe, states in the USA
- How many countries in… e.g. Africa

If that has your mind whirring, try some of these other projects for a fun learning experience:

School World Map


2. Make a DIY Calendar

This is such a cheap and creative idea – taking the free paint colour charts you get in a crafts shop and turning them into a family calendar to keep you all organised. The possibilities are endless depending on what paint charts you can find: DIY Paint Colour Chart Calendar


3. Start a Reading Log

Help children get excited about reading with this beautifully designed, free, printable Reading Log which encourages kids to take pleasure in listing their favourite reads and why they enjoyed them: Back to School Reading Log

4. Create a Balloon Globe

Who would have thought it was so simple to make your own globe – all you need is paper, pencils and a balloon. See full instructions here: Balloon Globes

5. Construct Sentences with Magnets

We’re used to putting magnetic strips on our maps so we loved this idea of how to make your own fridge magnet word kit, perfect for helping small children learn how to put sentences together: Magnetic Words Kit

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