Children's Map Making Competition!

Win one of our framed and magnetic World wall maps for your bedroom with our creative map competition!

To enter, you must be 16 or younger and create an imaginative map of your own. Take a photograph of it and email it to with the title 'Kids Map Competition' along with your name and age by Saturday 20th of February.

We will choose a winner from all entrants on Sunday 21st of February and announce on Social Media.

As well as the main prize there will be 5 runner-up prizes.


 kids classic world map

You can draw, paint, make a collage or create your map any way that you choose.

You could make a map for your toy to help them navigate your bedroom.

Or a map of the places you go in your hometown.

Maybe you'd like to create a map of a totally imaginary place you've just dreamed up!



Feel free to make a map as creative and unusual or as structured and traditional as you like. Things you might like to think about before you make your map:

Will you label roads, places or rooms? If so, how? Will you write on the map or have a key? What sort of writing might you use?

Will you use certain colours to show the different areas as water, bridges etc. or perhaps you'd like your map to be in black and white?

Will you include illustrations? Maybe drawings of imaginary creatures, animals, or people you know?


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Good luck and happy map making!

We can't wait to see your maps and announce the winners next weekend.


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