Famous romantic films and their locations

With Valentines Day approaching, we've taken a look at some of our favourite romantic movies and where they were filmed. Why not take inspiration and plan your own romantic get away? Or choose one of our magnetic maps and plot your own personal map of the places you've travelled with your partner?

1. United Kingdom

british isles framed wall map

Framed Map of The British Isles


There are a huge host of brilliant British rom-coms and romantic historical dramas set in the UK. The lush British countryside makes a dramatic setting for many, from the wild Lake District in all three film adaptations of Jane Eyre, beautiful Bedfordshire in Four Weddings and a Funeral, while Shakespeare in Love was set in Holkam Bay in Norfolk.

London also features in many, from the romantic Christmas classic Love Actually - with key scenes shot at Heathrow Airport, the Bridget Jones films - set around her flat in Borough Market, and Sliding Doors, which made actually talking to someone on the underground seem like a possibility.

Some of our favourite romantic movie hotspots are :

Notting Hill - London

PS I love you - Dublin, Ireland

The Holiday - Shere, Surrey

Pride and Prejudice - Derbyshire

2. Europe

europe wall map with hanging rails

Map of Europe with Wooden Hanging Rails


Paris, and literally all of Italy, are always popular locations for romantic movies. Amelie, Midnight in Paris, and Before Sunset are all Parisian favourites, while Romeo and Juliet is of course set in picturesque Verona, the 1960 Le Dolce Vita in Rome, A Room with a View in Florence and the Tourist in Venice. Why not plan to take a tour or visit some iconic film locations on your trip ? 


Moulin Rouge - Paris

Shirley Valentine - Myconos, Greece

Roman Holiday - Rome

Before Sunrise - Vienna, Austria

3. United States

framed map of usa

Framed Map of the United States 


New York has been the backdrop to many a romantic film scene, from the 1957 An Affair to Remember when the couple reunited at the top of the Empire State building (as paid homage to by Sleepless in Seattle) to Woody Allen's 1977 Annie Hall, the charming 1989 When Harry met Sally, 2010 Blue Valentine and onwards. However there are plenty of other great romantic movie locations on our favourites list.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - New York

Gone with the wind - Atlanta

Sleepless in Seattle - Seattle

Pretty Woman - Beverly Hills

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