Fish Trap

Here Fishy Fishy...

Google Earth has been responsible for many an Internet hoax, you can read our favourites here, but the giant ancient fish-trap spotted on the Teifi Estuary in West Wales is very real.

Over 1000 years old (from the era of the Norman Conquest and the Domesday Book), the fish-trap is a ‘V’ shaped structure made of rocks that is 1 metre wide, sits 30cm above the sand and is over 280 yards long.

The trap acts like a rock pool, trapping the fish as the tide flows out enabling fishermen to just scoop them out.


  • FishTrap


    In ancient times, fish traps were so commonly used in rivers that they were reportedly banned in the Magna Carta - their use only permitted on the coast.

    Jen Jones who was on the first exploratory dive said: “The rock boulders used in the construction of the fish-trap are encrusted with tube-dwelling worms, including the highly protected ‘Sabellaria’ honeycomb worm… This fish-trap has therefore metamorphosed from an entirely man-made structure to a naturally functioning reef, which adds to the biological diversity not only of the local area but also to that of the Cardigan Bay Special Area of Conservation as a whole."

    It’s amazing what our ancestors were capable of!

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