How to Hang our Wallpaper Murals

Did you know all of our maps are also available as wallpaper and can be scaled to the dimensions of your choice? A feature wall is an easy way to completely update a room, but getting it set up can seem daunting. With our High quality, easy to hang map murals, it is much simpler than it seems...

1. Don't panic!

If the idea of transforming a room with feature wall or wallpaper mural appeals, but the idea of hanging it leaves you in a cold sweat, never fear!

Unlike most patterned wallpapers, our maps are printed on thick, high end paper that is extremely easy to hang, with no need to paste the sheets and no stretching or shrinkage.

Each sheet is also numbered and cut exactly to size so there's so need to worry about matching the pattern up or trimming sheets to size.

If you're planning a map mural for your house, we'd always recommend hiring a professional decorator, after all, you want your wall to look as perfect as possible. However, if you are a confident decorator, and want to do it yourself, then go for it! Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time and you have a clear head. It's not a job to attempt with a hangover!

2. "Measure twice, cut once"

Ordering your map mural is very simple, all we'll need from you are the exact measurements of your chosen wall. Very few walls are completely straight so it's worth measuring it in several places, and twice!

We will always talk through your plans for the wall in detail over the phone so we can best advise on the fit. If, for example, you happen to have a particularly wonky wall, it may be best for us to print the map design slightly smaller leaving an inch or two of border to allow us to fit the design most accurately and its best affect.

After receiving the measurements and chatting with you, we will send you a visual render of what your map will look like so it's even easier for you to imagine your new feature wall.

3. Fuss free application

Typically, printed wallpaper can be a real headache to hang. You need to take into consideration that the paper will stretch then shrink, spend time painstakingly matching up the pattern, and wasting metres of paper while cutting it down to size in the correct place.
Our paper is already printed and cut exactly to the correct size for your wall, and due to the heavy weight, textured finish, it won't stretch or shrink - so the way it looks when applied, is the way it will look when finished. Its texture also means that you only need to apply paste to the wall, not the paper, making it much easier to slide into place.

With any wallpaper mural, it's worth taking some time getting to know the map before application, so you know exactly where each part of the print will fit. After that, all you need to worry about is that the wall is smooth and each length is hung straight. We would advise using a plumb line for this and starting at the far left of the wall.