Modern Map Wallpaper

Wallpaper may seem to be having a high fashion moment, but it's an enduring trend. In fact the earliest surviving wallpapers date back to16th Century England and have been produced consistently ever since. All of our maps are available as wallpaper and can be scaled to the dimensions of your choice. If you need help knowing where to start, here are our top 3 modern wallpaper 'do's'.


1. Be bold

There's been a move away from the clean, minimalist interiors that were so popular a decade ago - today we like our homes to be much more personal, reflecting individual tastes and interests rather than a 'one style suits all' approach. Over the past few years there have been phases when geometric prints are popular, at at other times it's stripes, or more recently palm print. But at the moment, anything goes, and the more unusual, the better!

We're particular fans of using bold map wallpaper to transform a neutral or classic kitchen. Try using a map with colours that pick up on existing features in the room, such as elegant rose gold lights, warm wood or cool monochrome surfaces.

A well chosen feature wall transforms a room. It lifts and enhances what is already there, adds warmth and colour, or builds further a strong design theme.

Don't be shy, give your favourite map a wall!


2. Personalise

If you are opting for a feature wall or even a full room of dramatic wallpaper, why not choose something that is of personal significance to you?

As all of our wallpapers are made to measure, you don't need to restrict yourself when it comes to creativity. Does a certain part of the world hold a special place in your heart? Is there a particular area of your city that you'd love to pay homage too?

You can choose to have your map wallpaper customised to feature specific areas of any of our maps. Take a look at this London company's close up street view wallpaper, featuring on the area surrounding their office in Marylebone and Hyde park as an example.

We love the clarity and detail just as much as the colour and bold print. It also means visitors are unlikely to get lost once they leave the building!

star map wallpaper

3. Prepare

Take some time to consider and plan which room or walls would work best, take measurements and choose your design. Modern wallpaper makes a great focal point to your home or place of business but you want to be sure it looks it's best by positioning it correctly.

Bright spacious interiors can handle darker prints, like our stunning celestial map, while darker corners and areas directed more towards work than relaxation do better with airy greens and fresh colours.

Our map wallpapers are printed on high quality traditional wallpaper rolls, they are scuff-resistant and wipe clean with a width of 46.5cm, so can be hung just like normal wallpaper. Each roll is numbered to ensure easy hanging of the panels and so that there is no waste.

However, as with all printed wallpaper, if you're not used to papering, it's probably best to enlist the help of someone who is. Detailed patterns, and the lines of a map look best when they are straight!


Price per square metre £45.00
Set Up/Scaling £30.00
Postage & Packing £10.00
Production takes 10 working days.