Maps as Office Art

You spend a lot of time at work. We believe whatever adorns your office walls should be inspirational, attractive and interesting...



The office is usually the first point of contact for employees and clients, so it's crucial to make a good first impression.

Our wall maps are bold, accessible and create a great talking point for your office wall.

They can transform your office into a vibrant, dynamic space that gives the impression of style and success as well as reinforcing your professional brand values.


Wherever we live in Britain, we are a nation of map lovers. If no longer because we're all off sailing the seven seas, then because we just love to point to the place the place we call home!

Whether an image of the city, country or world in which we live, inclusive of everyone, we believe a map is the ultimate office wall art. We’ve noticed that managers often buy our maps as good alternative workplace art as they try to create the right mood in their working environments.



All individually printed in Germany to commercial grade.

Our murals make a real impact.

They can be scaled to any sized wall without loss of resolution and are scuff-resistant and wipeable.

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Simply admire the stunning quality of a paper print that will draw visitors and passers by to its beauty - produced with a lithographic printing press, bold colours and special metallic inks make an impact in any interior setting.

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    Or choose a magnetic version and use supplied stainless steel magnets to mark where you work, places of interest or utilise it as an office notice board to highlight upcoming events. It also has a write-on, wipe-off finish so dry wipe or non-permanent pens can be used to communicate important messages.

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