City Maps with Cycle Routes

Our city maps are perfect for keen cyclers: Wall Art with a purpose, not only do they accurately portray the gradient of the land - making it easy to navigate around steep hills - they also detail bicycle lanes and routes.


1. Berlin

With it's rich history, plethora of art and culture, energetic nightlife and hipster scene, Berlin is an increasingly popular destination for city breaks. Why not discover it by bike next time you visit?

Germany is a nation of cyclers and Berlin boasts some of the greenest, safest and most beautiful city cycle routes. Our map carefully tracks all the cities stunning bike lanes so you can plan your adventures before you visit. Why not try riding along the picturesque Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg? Or promenade the river with the wind in your hair cycling through Treptower Park?

As well as being an accurate reference point, this map is a stunning piece of wall art in its own right. Choose from a framed map in soft forest, orange and pewter, or zingy aqua and champagne tones to impress your guests with your elegant interiors and holiday biking suggestions!


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    2. London

    Are you one of the 700,00 people in London who avoided the rush hour today by hopping on your bike? Numerous road initiatives mean that cycling in London is now the safest it's been for 30 years. With daily trips equating to one fifth of all Tube passenger trips, it's now considered one of the major modes of transport in the city.

    Make it even easier to beat the traffic and opt for your bike by treating yourself to one of our stunningly detailed London map. Hang it in your kitchen so you can plan your cycle route while you fuel up on breakfast cereal, or by the front door for a last minute road check.

    And, if you're planning on travelling through zone 1, cyclists make up over 30 percent of drivers, so you'll be in good company!



    3. San Francisco

    Despite its steep hills, cycling in San Francisco has dramatically grown in popularity in recent years. The city has an active and diverse cycling culture organised around various bike-related clubs, parties, festivals and events. Why not join the San Fran Bike party that occurs on the first Friday of every month for a relaxed 10 mile bike ride in fancy dress with two 30 min social stops?

    Unsurprisingly, the flatter areas are among the most popular for bike routes. Plan ahead with our beautifully detailed map which clearly shows the gradients of the steepest and flattest areas of the city. Make your bike rides as tough or as easy a workout as you feel up to!.

    This framed map also uses bathymetric blue to accurately reflect the depth of the water, revealing the shape and texture of the sea's surface - great information to have if you fancy turning your bike ride into a triathlon!⠀

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    4. New York

    It may not spring to mind as the obvious place to explore by bike, but this huge city can feel surprisingly accessible when cycling. Most roads have designated green bike lanes and racks of bike-share Citi Bikes are present throughout the metropolis, making it well prepared for cyclists. In fact New York developed the countries first bike route in 1894 and is at the forefront of a national trend to make cycling safer.

    Try a bike ride down the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway and enjoy the lovely views or brave it in the centre and experience the 5th Avenue from a whole new perspective.

    The perfect gift for a fan of the Big Apple.