‘Oh We Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside’ - The Rise of the ‘Staycation’


Let’s talk about holidays. They seem to be a current hot topic of conversation at the moment, questions around ‘where are you off to this year?’ or ‘are you going away nice’?

As a nation especially during these post pandemic times, we all seem to be keen for some ‘down time’ spent with the people that mean the most to us. Time away from home to new surroundings, after all as the saying goes ‘a change of scene is as good as a rest’  Of course, this is of no real surprise, after almost two years of restrictions and time being kept apart.  

But holidays do not necessarily mean exotic locations and long-haul flights. As there has been a real zest and a new found love for the Great British ‘Staycation’ recently - and why not? We are fortunate enough to live on such an incredible island, with a plethora of amazing sights and attractions along with diverse histories and communities to discover and celebrate. 



Between June 2020 and June 2021 Google searches for the term ‘Staycation’ increased by 83% and the searches for the term ‘Staycation UK’ increased by 173% during the same timeframe. [1] More recent research showed that 58% of people are planning on a Great British ‘Staycation’ this year. With travel expectations from folk in the UK focused on relaxing (46%), going to the beach (38%) and spending time with loved ones (35%). [2] 

There is a clear sense of belonging and being close to the special people in our lives particularly after spending almost two years apart during the pandemic. It is so positive to see how much the general public are keen to embrace the traditional British getaway of the past that perhaps many of us have forgotten or overlooked. 

We are so fortunate that there is so much to explore with treasures around every corner of the British Isles. From beautiful beaches - many secluded with magnificent scenery to sweeping gloriously green countryside, historical houses and classic castles. 



Caravan or camping, beachfront B&B or farmhouse cottage retreat. There is something quite comforting about a British Staycation. Perhaps it conjures up an incredible sense of nostalgia from our childhood or youth. The sights, sounds and smells of the familiar have a personal historical relevance that runs through us all like letters through a stick of rock. 

Traditional seaside holidays were born out of the 18th century as people sought to gain  the numerous health benefits said from bathing in the sea. There has been much speculation on the location of the original seaside resort, with the Dorset town of Weymouth receiving the official royal seal of approval from King George III in which he spent fourteen summers between the years 1789 and 1805.  

The fast evolving railway network in the mid-19th century saw an influx of Victorian holiday makers to the seaside towns around the country.  During this time, the reasons for visiting the seaside wasn’t purely for the health benefits of the seawater and the fresh sea air; but also for the new trend of its mesmerising piers, practical beach huts and unique entertainment which grabbed the imagination of the masses. 



Back to the present day, whether you enjoy exploring the rugged coastline with its rock-pools and smugglers coves; hiking and enjoying the great outdoors in the rich countryside or love the retro-nature of the traditional resort with fish & chips and candy floss on the pier and flag waving sandcastles. The traditional Great  British ‘Staycation’ really  is here to stay for a long time yet! A wonderful experience is just around the corner and whether you spend the day or a week, go out and explore this  wonderful and beautiful island that we call home. 



Starting with the stunning county of Somerset, we have created a traditionally printed map with a modern art quality in its design. If you have ever travelled across Somerset you will appreciate its wonderful landmarks and the world-famous events that it is known for such as Glastonbury and the Bath Literary Festival. Spectacular scenery awaits from the breathtaking beauty of the Mendip hill to the majestic Cheddar Gorge. 

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