Through the keyhole


We have all had a good nosy into other peoples homes. It is like ‘Through The Keyhole’ (what a programme that was) reimagined.  From Prince Charles’ study to those of MP’s and journalists in the daily news, singers to friends in the pub quiz. No stone is left unturned. It is all about the background. Welcome to your new office, pub and friendship meet up - the living room - aka Zoom chat zone.

We would be fibbing if we weren’t extremely chuffed that Joe Wick’s wife, Rosie bought him one of our maps last Christmas. Joe has the map up in his living room which is also now the PE classroom to the world, with millions of people watching Joe each day.  Joe will often add or remove an item on his books shelves to keep people on their toes but his background is clean, classic and with the map, obviously looks like an interior dream.

Many are taking their zoom chats or online work calls in the study area, if they have one. Discussions have popped up online about the type of books appearing on certain peoples shelves and for some it has raised a few eyebrows depending on the subject matter they have read. 

How can we make our space work for us at home? First of all, try to ensure the area you are working in is free from clutter. This will help to keep things calm, and let’s face it, right now we need calm.  Put things on the wall meaningful to you, not for others to approve or like in a Zoom chat.  As well as our maps, we love photographs and artwork around the house, prints of places we have visited to trigger happy memories of travelling from days gone by.

We love what interiors journalist Ciara Elliott has done with her office space at the top of her stairs. She has made the small space work so well now she is working full time from home and our British Isles map adds a point of interest to the space, she has the magnetic finish so she can plot future travels with her family.

Repurpose your furniture.  The kitchen table may be the most obvious choice for a work space, in the absence of a desk but have a think.  Is there a camping table in the attic you could get down and use in a space looking out through a window? How a lick of paint on the old table in the shed and while we are talking about sheds, we have seen lots of people painting their sheds and wifi permitting, relocating their work area into these little spaces, previously homing lawn mowers and bikes. 

Whatever you do to make your work space at home, try to make it so that you can pack away at the end of the working day.  The importance of ending the working day and beginning your evening at home is crucial to ensure good mental health and home relationships. We imagine that for many home working is here to stay, take your time, there is no rush to create the perfect space.

Stay well