Walking with Friends

At the end of an afternoons walk, with the sun getting lower, I was walking through a sun-drenched field with my friend when he turned to me and said, ‘now I feel happy’ and I couldn’t have agreed more.


walking with friends sundown

Every couple of months I peruse the local area around where I live looking for an afternoon’s walk with a couple of pubs along the way. We take a Friday afternoon off work (Outrageous, I know) and walk, talk, explore, and have a few pints and a plate of food.


Nothing remarkable I know. But walking with others and combing physical exercise with positive social interactions without doubt clears the fog that can build up from the day to day, enhancing mood, energy, and self-esteem.

boys walmk woods

Wellbeing wasn’t necessarily why we started walking. The hunt for the perfect local pub another! But the word therapeutic does spring to mind and with each walk we do the collective gets bigger and the energy greater.


I really do think that the powers of a walk with friends can be overlooked. Go on, channel your inner scout leader, and invite your friends for a walk!

bopys walk field