Wanderlust from the Kitchen Table

It certainly feels like Spring has finally sprung; with the evenings getting longer and lockdown restrictions easing in the UK. Although we may yearn to fulfill our wanderlust to sunnier climes, for now we can only dream of travel and culture from the comfort of our own homes.

But did you know that our family kitchen table can be a fantastic spot in itself not only to inspire but to also give us a taste of our future dream destinations...  

Recently, we have been inspired by some of our customers who have shared with us the joy of using our maps to get the family involved in conversations, not only around travel but also the different cuisines and cultures around the world. 


Credit: @triplenovacreative

Leny Daley. a designer from London explains: “Having the map in our dining room is fab, the kids love to point out the countries their meals are from”. (@triplenovacreative)

We have even recently seen Anna Whitehouse, aka @mother_pukka doing the very same in her latest collaboration with @gustocooking, explaining to her followers “if we can’t go to India, India can come to us” whilst they enjoy spending time together making a family meal. With that all important map check of course, finding India on their classic world map with their kids. 

Credit: @mother_pukka / @gustocooking 

The joy of travel and the thrill of experiencing new cultures whilst involving the whole family, although it is a bit different for now, can all still be possible from our kitchen or dining room tables. Where families can engage in travel conversation and little ones can learn more about world geography before delving deeper into a country of choice through delicious delights and special time spent together. What’s not to love? 

We asked our founder Marcus, about his next future trip and his favourite dish that reminds him of that dream destination.



“I’ve been dreaming of a trip to Florence in Italy. A place where I was lucky enough to visit regularly when I worked in the fashion industry. They have a brilliant dish called Tagliata Di Manzo, which is essentially seared steak served simply on a bed of rocket and tomatoes with parmesan shavings. Finished with a quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Bring on the Summer evenings....”.

Travel will happen again. When it does we will be so excited to jump on that plane and jet off to brand new adventures; to experience the warm sun on our skin; the splash of the pool; the smell of barbecues in the air and of course - the warm balmy evenings spent in the company of our friends & family once again. 



Until then, we love knowing that our maps continue to spark joy, get families talking (and eating!) together and ultimately enriching past travel memories and inspiring future plans. 

Our magnetic maps come with little steel magnetic ball bearings so you can share with loved ones all the places you have already been or the long list of dreamy destinations that are on your wanderlust list. Or if you simply can’t decide where to go next, you could always close your eyes and throw one of the ball bearings at the map and let fate play its hand! 

We love hearing from our amazing customers and sharing their travel dreams and experiences. So if you have a kitchen table travel tip you want to share, please feel free to get in touch with us via our social channels.