What do the Colours mean?

There isn't a straight forward answer to this question. The colours we choose have no literal meaning but that doesn't mean they're without purpose.

In all map-making the colours are chosen to highlight boundaries and make the map look appealing, rather than the sort of colour coding device that you'd find in an info-graphic. The maps we all grew up with in the schoolroom are coloured with contrasting pastel shades so that we can distinguish the shapes of neighbouring countries and remember them better. These familiar shades act as an aide memoir by adding an extra layer of memory to what would otherwise be a sea of shapes with strange names.

We create various styles of maps using different projections from the futuristic Sinu-Mollweide to the Classic Robinson. We then print each of them in a selection of colourways so there's a projection and colour combination to suit every taste.

Interior design moves with fashion and yet the world of mapping seemed to have been stuck in a bygone age of the Mercator projection and the traditional pastel shades. We have dragged the wall map well into the 21st century, and our passion for colour was at the heart of this transformation. We're sure that you can find the perfect design to reflect your individual sense of style and give it a treasured place in your home.


map printing ink lithographic


Classic Map

Our Classic World Map is our most traditional political map: Its main focus is to represent the boundaries between countries. In essence it is our 'schoolroom' map of the future. It uses the aide memoir effect of a patchwork colour system to highlight countries' borders and shapes.


Future Map

The Future Map colours work in a different way. Here we have graded carefully selected pantones through the borderlines of countries and continents to portray a more harmonious view of the world. Political borders and all the geographical information you would want in a world map are still there, but the colour blends from one country to another, reflecting the globalism of modern life.

It's not just a political statement though. We wanted to create a vibrant map that speaks to a contemporary audience and fits your stylish interior design. We created a map that could finally graduate from school and be ready for the big wide world of your home.