Which finish should you choose for your map?

Magnetised, Paper, Plastic? Read on to learn more about our map finishes and see what they look like up close and personal.


Our paper maps are printed on the highest quality FSC approved silk-coated paper. We use a technique similar to a mechanised version of screen printing called lithographic printing. A plate is made for each colour and then laid down individually, creating a stunning print with maximum definition and impact. A sealer is applied to protect the inks and gloss UV varnish used to add contrast and highlight boundaries.

BEST FOR: The most beautiful finish of all our maps, this fine, intricate print is what we recommended those who wish to display their framed map as graphic artwork.


Our plastic finished maps are created using the same high quality lithographic paper prints, but with the addition of gloss plastic lamination.

BEST FOR: More hardwearing, these maps work well in bathrooms, kitchens and anywhere that they may encounter sticky fingered children! The laminated finish means that it is also possible to write notes and messages with water based pens, making them particularly fun for kids.



Magnetised maps are the same laminated high quality lithographic prints as our plastic maps, mounted on magnetic backing.

BEST FOR: This hardwearing map comes with small circular magnets for marking out places of interest and larger cylindrical magnets to attach postcards or notes. We recommend this for those who wish to use their map as an interactive notice board. It also comes with handy magnetic backing strips making it simple to attach directly onto a wall. Great for kitchens and offices.