Meet our new Winkel Tripel World Wall Map

This Summer, The Future Mapping Company is happy to announce the launch of a vibrant new World Map.

Making a new map is a complicated process. Enormous attention to detail is required to ensure it is completely up to date & accurate. And that's before we even start on a beautiful new colour palette! But it's all worth it - meet our Winkel Tripel map! This latest map utilises, and indeed elevates, the classic Winkel Tripel projection to a bold modern aesthetic that is sure to make an impact in any interior setting.

First seen in print in 1955 as The Times Atlas of the World, the projection was designed by Oswald Winkel in 1921 with the aim of minimizing the three areas of distortion faced by map makers: area, direction and distance. Thus it became the Tripel Projection (Tripel is German for triple). The result is a wonderfully spherical-looking map, which gives a graceful curve to oceans and landmasses alike.

For this map, we chose to combine clean and zesty greens and yellow with soft pastels and elegant greys and silvers. This top quality, 8 colour lithographic print rejoices in the freedom the craft and process allows, mixing metallic and fluorescent inks through political and physical data to dramatic effect.


A stunning work of art for your home or office wall, but equally, a great reference map. Displaying countries, capital and major towns and cities, it highlights major rivers, peaks and lakes, as well as naming many physical features both on and offshore. The data is completed with inset north and south pole projections.