Contemporary Design

Wall maps,

We have been re-defining wall map design since 2003. Combining a modern aesthetic with age-old printing processes each of our maps is made to the highest quality, celebrating the beauty in map data.


Rejuvenating an age-old craft.

We’re fanatical about creating maps that are as stylish as they are useful. In 2003, a functional map with a stylistic edge just didn’t exist, so the challenge was set.


Future Map


The Future Mapping Company have revolutionised the traditional wall map.

The Telelgraph

The common idea of a world map as some frayed old document on a school wall is dispelled with the set of three world wall charts from The Future Mapping Company.

The Times Magazine

'The Future Mapping Company is a challenge to the Ordnance Survey standard.

Wallpaper Magazine

The Future Mapping Company are the kings of 21st century cartography.