Isle of Bait

Isle of Bait


We are pleased to announce the discovery of a new island, located 20km off the coast of Britain.

This is the first map of the Isle of Bait ever produced.


The Isle of Bait is a small, beautiful and untouched paradise, but there is a hitch – it is only visible through the Face Swap Snapchat filter.

It appears that a glitch during the most recent geological shift caused a permanent geofence to go up around the island, preventing it from being visible to the naked eye.

Geocached for so long, local authorities are debating whether to rename landmarks and points of interest to bring the island into the post-Brexit era. Bay of Bright Futures, the Eneychestuary and Happiness Hill are all remnants of a past that is no longer a reality for the rest of the country. Toblerone Ridge, a local favourite for its distinctive jagged shape, may be the worst affected as plans to widen the gaps between peaks are unveiled as part of a “Greater Value Modernisation Programme”.

For this reason, this map is already a collector's item, so we would advise acting now before the facts are revealed to be of an alternative nature.

Please note, the prices have been formulated using a random guess system, as we are unable to say exactly how much they will cost. Recent intelligence however suggests a strong likelihood that the final cost will spiral beyond all our wildest dreams.

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