40% off Medium White Hanging Rails

40% off Medium White Hanging Rails


For hanging our Future Map, Europe Map, USA Map, Wide Angle Map, Constellation Map, Small Geology Map, Winkel Tripel and NYC map products.

Sold in pairs. Length of Rails 103 cm / 40.5"

These clever hanging rails will get your map onto the wall with ease and look super slick too.

The rails come in two parts and work through the power of magnetism. The first piece is attached to your wall with rawl plus and screws (supplied). Your map is then sandwiched between this and the top rail by magnets in the rails. 

Sold in pairs so that you have a second rail to weigh the bottom of the map down.

Can be used on paper, plastic and magnetic formats.

These rails are seconds and as such are not perfect. They may have been previously used and have a small amount of wear or have a small amount of damage to them. They are however definitely use-able and we do not think you will be disappointed for the price. We are unable to offer a return option of any kind on these maps once sold. If you would like further information in regards to the specific wear and tear then please give us a ring or drop us an email.

info@futuremaps.com | 01749 812 624

Having said this they are a bargain so act fast.

Happy Shopping!


Please Note: No other promotional code can be used in conjunction with the purchase of this map.


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